Ron Paul Tries To Sway Nevada Voters at Red Lion Hotel Casino

Americans have grown weary of many of the presidential candidates in both the Democrat and Republican parties. Enter Ron Paul. He is making a charge on the Republican side, and is raising enormous amounts of campaign money in the process.

Paul is still a long shot to win the nomination, but his latest stop is one of the states he must be able to carry if he wants any shot at being president.

Nevada is widely considered one of the swing states in the Republican primary race. Paul spent several days their last week, and concluded his stay at the Red Lion Hotel Casino. 200 people attended, all their eyes glued to the person who raised over $18 million in campaign money this quarter.

On December 16th, Paul raised a staggering $6.02 million in just twenty four hours. He spoke in Nevada of limited federal government and personal freedom. He received the loudest ovation from the crowd, however, when he spoke of his support of national sovereignty.

“The Ron Paul campaign realizes Nevada is an important state in the Republican nomination process, and this visit reflects that,” said Jennifer Terhune, Nevada Communications Coordinator for the Ron Paul campaign.

Gambling on Lottery Pays Off For Two Floridians on Saturday Night

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In Florida, the state lottery has not reached high numbers much this year. People have been hitting the winning numbers almost on a weekly basis. That has stopped the lottery from growing into huge payday’s.

On Saturday, the grand prize for hitting all six numbers grew to $47 million. That was one of the highest payouts so far this year. Two people were lucky enough to match all six of the numbers and now will be splitting the $47 million.

The two new millionaires were not the only lucky winners in Saturday’s draw, however. $6,004 will be paid out to each of the 191 people holding tickets that matched five of the numbers. 11,786 people received a little holiday bonus of $79 for matching four of the six numbers.

Three number matches grew to 245,404 people in this week’s lottery. That makes a total of 257,383 people who will have made money for the holiday season from the latest lottery draw.

The winning numbers for this week were: 02-12-32-36-40-43. The two people that hit all six numbers were from different parts of the state. One of the winning tickets was sold in Fort Meyers. The other winning ticket came from Bonita Springs.

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